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Weekend fire destroys two Village of Mukwonago garages

Nov. 07, 2012 12:34 p.m. |  The Mukwonago Fire Department was called to Andrews Street Saturday just as daylight savings switched the time over to 2:01 a.m. for a garage that had caught fire. 

On scene, fire department crews were met by Town and Village of Mukwonago Police who had been the first to arrive, and discovered that the fire had spread to the neighboring garage, Deputy Chief Andy Wegner said. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

The garage that initially caught fire was just about a pile of ashes when the fire department arrived. Luckily, the second garage was made mostly of brick which helped contain the fire. However, the heat from the second garage burning was so strong that the siding of the corresponding home started to melt. Crews were able to keep the situation under control to prevent the home from starting on fire. 

The fire burned through power lines near the scene, and around a half dozen residents were without power for three to four hours. As soon as emergency crews cleared the scene, We Energies arrived and repaired the power lines. 

Mutual aid was provided by Eagle, Vernon, Tess Corners, Town of Waukesha, a squad from North Prairie and the North Prairie auxiliary canteen unit. Dousman, Wales Genesee and Big Bend Fire Departments provided  station coverage while the Mukwongo department was on scene. 

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