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Alien Relay 2.0

I have a background in science and writing. I consider myself liberal, progressive, environmentally aware on many issues, but also believe that conservatism has a place and is valid.

Congrats Walkerites! Victory, Forward, I think?

I have to admit, I have never seen such discipline before and what laser focus, I guess that is what makes conservatives and Republicans strong; the ability to conform and stay on focus.

I also hope you enjoyed the slap that women gave Tom Barret (even though I agree with her in the sense that Barret shouldn’t have conceded until 100% of the votes were in), it must have provided a good laugh. It makes Barret look even more sad and pathetic. No bother to show sympathy for the man, I know how much little empathy it must take to be a right-winger.

I also would like to thank you for making the city I live in the major scapegoat and the people who live in it to attack Barret, rarely does Milwaukee get so much concentrated scorne in such a short period of time. You thank you, for at least caring a little, even if it was bile and spite.

So now that you continue your love for Strong Autocratic Leader by Gov. Scott Walker dictating with the help of his rubberstamp cronies in the Assembly and the Senate (let’s assume the millions you get from non-taxpaying billionaires that you serve will buy the senate again in November). Let’s also not forget that you own through the WMC the WI Supreme Court. Let’s also not forget political appointee henchman like DNR Cathy Stepp and all the other technocrat positions turned into political crony positions by Walker to exercise and move the ideology forward, your WAR against liberals and the left. Oh! late add, thanks the hated liberal Milwaukee JS, 620 WTMJ and the entire JS communications media empire for helping your cause as well. Just face it the JS is conservative, you can't use the JS as crutch all you have is the Shepard Express.

 Yet after all this I still want your opinion. I want to know what you want from Walker and the Republicans in the future.  You guys almost have 100% of the power in state government, and nearly have 100% power in most non-Urban areas. Except for Madison, Milwaukee, Northwest WI, and a few other areas, you own the state. Republicans and conservatives almost have a free ride on what you want to do and shape this State into whatever you feel fit.

 I’ll start with a few:

-        Do you think that residency requirements for Milwaukee Fire Fighters and Police (not the rest of public employees mind you) be rescinded by State Republicans? If so should these same requirements in other municipalities for the rest of the state, like Waukesha?

-        Do you think the Michigan Emergency Manager Law powers should be given to Scott Walker?

-        How will the infrastructure (virtual, structural, & etc…) in WI be created to create job growth to the level of 250,000 by the end of Walker’s term? Not only the number but quality of family supporting jobs? And if Walker can not do this, will you blame him, or pass the buck to others? You do own 100% of the state.

-        Would you support a Florida style voter purge?

-        Would you support Milwaukee and Dane counties being dissolved by the state to separate the cities from the more conservative towns in the county?

I want to know since taxpayers and your ideology dominate and are in 100% control of the State and its future what you want and what you have planned for the rest of us?

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