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Alien Relay 2.0

I have a background in science and writing. I consider myself liberal, progressive, environmentally aware on many issues, but also believe that conservatism has a place and is valid.

Vote for Romney, if you don't I will be forced to take your benefits so I can keep the majority of the profits!

Makes CEO's and owners of million dollar corps seem greedy and petty.

   What type of person in a postion of power over their employee's, uses their power to intimidate others to vote in a certain way? A person of little character.

   Rightwingers feel the need to push their opinions on others, it must be some sort of short coming in their personal lives they have to fill.

   I hope that Right-Hite is charged and sued by the Milwaukee via State Law, which states:

"No employer or agent of an employer may distribute to any employee printed matter containing any threat, notice or information that if a particular ticket of a political party or organization or candidate is elected or any referendum question is adopted or rejected, work in the employer's place or establishment will cease, in whole or in part, or the place or establishment will be closed, or the salaries or wages of the employees will be reduced, or other threats intended to influence the political opinions or actions of the employees."

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