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I have a background in science and writing. I consider myself liberal, progressive, environmentally aware on many issues, but also believe that conservatism has a place and is valid.

Liberals are Destroying America or How to Defeat Liberalism?

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It’s been said by Rush and other rightwing media mouth pieces as well as many local arch-centrists like Jim Hayett and rightwing extremists like Amy Hemmer that “Liberals are Destroying America!” and we “Are more dangerous than Islamic Terrorist!”

 Just think about those accusations and the comparisons made and we’ll get back to it later on. Ask yourself, what are the “real” implications of such statements? What would the logical conclusion to deal with this problem be if these statements were true?

 Well, I guess I should be the first liberal to actually admit that we are guilty of destroying America. That’s right the United States of America is being systematically destroyed by human beings and citizens of this country who are Liberal’s. Stop separating us from the political philosophy. Being a liberal is part of my person and my life.

 I, Jacob Pickard, a living breathing human who loves, cries, laughs, get mad, and sad; I am a liberal.

………..Wait a minute now…….

 ….Let me tell you why before you fly off the handle……

……Let me explain the reasons we are destroying the America that the rightwing has loved the past 8 years under GW Bush.

The Republican America that lied us into the Iraq War using the fear of 9/11 as the aggressor nation, the invader, were thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed.

The Republican America that allowed it’s president to use torture and then defend that torture, ignoring international law and the basic concept of Human rights and American exceptionalsim which up until that point, was held dear and justified are fight against Islamic terrorism.

The Republican America that gutted regulation and gave wall street free reign to destroy itself in an orgy of greed and throw millions of Americans out of work and into poverty and then as a last dagger bailed out their wall street goons with our collected tax money.

The Republican America that even with a congressional Majority from 1995-2006 and the Presidency for 8 years ignored the plight of millions of Americans, left to die and go bankrupt due to the lack of access to affordable healthcare insurance and left at the mercy to the abuses of the for-profit Private Insurance industry.

The Republican America that has let the nation’s infrastructure crumble and our inner cities rot.

The Republican America that empowered the arch-conservative liberal haters to scream, bash, and dehumanize with anybody who disagreed with.

The Republican America with the Republican Congress who rubber stamped the Republican President’s agenda who gladly gave up their constitutional duty of oversight of the executive branch to Party and Ideological Loyalty.

The Republican America who hate’s government so much they are willing to destroy the domestic general welfare of the citizens of this country for their ideology.

Most of all, we are out to destroy the Republican America who’s values have defined that the quantity of Liberty, Freedom, and Political Power and value of an American citizen is equated to our wealth, income, and ideological purity.

Your America was realized with 12 years of congressional control and a Republican President for 8 years. Your America was realized, but now it is being destroyed, and you are scared. Your America has failed.

When accusations of being anti-American and a traitor starting flying if you were against going into Iraq, I laughed it off. When I was called a traitor I laughed it off. Being called socialists, communists, being referred to as Nazi’s, Marxists, baby killers, etc… There’s only so much you can take as a human before the joke grows thin and you realize the people who say these things actually really believe it, then the laughter stops.

Liberals have been accused of everything from supporting terrorists and being baby killers for our support of abortion rights, by the Jim’s and Amy’s of the world who believe they are morally and ethically justified. Through their ideology, religion, which they believe gives them an innate superiority, to throw out basic respect to another persons views and practice treating Liberals and other people who they view as inhuman, subhuman inferior pieces of garbage, not fit for respect.

 To the Rush’s, Ann Coulters, and blogger wanna-be’s, “liberals” are nothing more than vermin.

 In my last Blog “Real American’s Like You and me”, I wrote it channeling the “Real Americans” as Sarah Palin put it. We all know what she meant. She meant that the “Real Americans” are those who share her religious and conservative values, which leaves everyone else who doesn’t as what? Un-Real Americans!

 So as an experiment I put myself in their shoes and took comments that have been said since Barak Obama has been elected, from these blogs to the entire rightwing media landscape and came up with an archetype of a “Real American”. Wasn't it absurd? Could anybody really think that way?

   I think I fell short in expressing what Sarah Palin’s, “Real American” archetype hates more than anything else in the world, even more than Fidel Castro or Osama bin Laden.

 Simply and sadly they hate Liberals, from the policies we endorse, to the philosophy we live, and the people who are. It’s simple and circular and they need to stop trying to rationalize this hatred and recognize it for what it is.

 So did you think about my earlier questions?

What are the implications of such statements?

What would the logical conclusion be if these two statements are true?

These words and statements no matter how momentarily useful to bash me and others: ““Liberals are Destroying America!” and we “Are more dangerous than Islamic Terrorist!” and are “anti-American!”. These statements are Eliminationist rhetoric and this rhetoric leads to dehumanization of the subject and eventual violence against them.

The implication is that Liberals are enemies of this country, as enemies we can be considered combatants and dangerous. Currently our nations imprisons and kills our enemies in other nations, as well as traitors and enemies within if found. The Amy’s and Jim’s of these blogs and the country consider me and anyone who shares my views as an Enemy.

If liberals really are destryoing America, only one logical conclusion can be drawn on how to deal them.

(11/5/09 6:30am edited for content)

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