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Andy Kristensen

A Day in Ion Square

 A subtle blend of politics, sports, and music blended together and seen through the eyes of a young adult.

Fear, Loss of a Hometown, and Disillusionment

             It’s been almost three weeks since I completed finals and ended my fifth semester here at UW-Madison, so I thought it was about time to get myself in line and publish another blog posting. I’ve spent the last two months dilly-dallying with what to publish and what to keep off of here, and I figured I want to get something up to mark the start of summer for me. With that, I have three recent subjects that I’d like to write about in this post: the feeling of fear, going back to your hometown after being away for an extended amount of time, and a brief discovery from my new internship at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

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A Change in Topic

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I'm Back! Post-Florida Update

 March 3rd, 2013           

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I Said What?! (Don't Worry, My Old Views Are Still Here Too)

             Tonight I decided to turn on the TV and watch the gubernatorial debate. Man, that was a horrible decision.

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A Short Little Conversation with a Walker Lover

 Story time about today’s election:

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