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All KINDS of stuff. Mostly ideas... politics, science, religion, fishing, food ....stuff that your mom told you wasnt polite to discuss.

40.3rd Topic - The Reason for the Season

Its Here!  Its Here! 

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40.2th Topic - Merry Holiday Melodies (Redoux)

"Didn't I write a holiday music blog before?"  I asked my self, questioningly.   No surprise, I did, and it still holds up (plus, I updated the links within it) so I will lazily refer to it here -> http://www.lakecountrynow.com/opinion/blogs/communityblogs/234988561.html.
The new and exciting event on the holiday music front is all about the guy up the street that runs a radio station out of his basement.  A licensed LowPower station of amazing music variety, he is now streaming 24/7 on the Interwebs (at www.wfaq.com), and has just started his holiday rotation.  He identifies it as "Trad to Rad; Nice to Nasty" so give a listen and see tell me if you dont find it pleasantly unique.

40.1th Topic - Hanukah Happens

 As we march thru the collection of Solstice holidays, tonight (this being Tuesday for you playing at home) marks the beginning of Hanukah, or as we used to call it as kids, Jewish Christmas.  Yes, we all know (or at least should) the story of the Macabees surmounting great odds and winning a guerilla campaign against the Greeks, but for Jewish kids (and everyone always said Hanukah is for the kids), its a pretty good way for them to not feel "left out" of everything else that was going on this time of year.

Make no bones about it, as jewish kids, we largely DID feel left out.   Between school (public, mind you) pagents, the comercialization of darn near everything, and the blazing gaudy lights in and on the neighbors house, us kids of the hebraic persuasion had the very distictive impression that something BIG was going on and we werent invited.
Hanukah did a pretty good job of notsomuch getting us included, but instead, to get us something else.   Think Jim Crow laws.
Some jewish families (I wont mention who) would put up an electric Mogan David (star of David) complete with flashing blue and white lights in their front window.  My mother called them "Blatz signs", but I thought they were cool.  But not as cool as the white flocked tree that would change colors as the 4 celophaned paneled filterwheel slowly turned in front of the floodlight trained on the tree, also in the front window of (non-Jewish) neighbors on the block.
I own 3 menorahs (the candelabras used to mark each of the 8 nights) including an electric one.  I'd hereby like to officially note that The Electric Menorah would be an excellent band name.  And even though Im now an atheist, I still like to light the candles, because as I refernced in the previous blog, these holidays are all about chasing away the darkness.
And even though Im now an atheist, I still make a big batch of latkes (potatoe pancakes), because damn they're good:  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/potato-latkes-recipe2.html
Yes, I know I put an 'e' on the end of potato; I thought it would distract from my using the word "damn".
Well, I gotta go.  Im thinking of getting a 4th menorah: 

40.0th Topic - The Solstice Approacheth

And Im rather excited about it.    Just another week or so til I get to say "Boy, doesnt it seem like the days are getting longer?".

In the meantime, even tho' its a couple of days early, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Bouillabaisse Day!  So make some fish stew and share with someone you can tolerate.  

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39th Topic - Thanksgiving

 Without a pilgrim in sight, I'd nonetheless like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.......

If you like your family, and get along with them, I hope you're able to spend some time with them.
If you have some friends, I hope you're able to spend some time with them.
If you have things to be thankful for, I hope you take a moment and contemplate your good fortune.
The food is nice, but as long as you have anything nutritious to fill yer belly with, its really somewhat secondary to the fact that we're all stuck with just a handful of years to make the best of things.   The "best of things" almost always consists of very few actual things, and even fewer that can be found in a Black Friday frenzy.
Our family.
Our friends.
Our community.
Our health.
Our wonderous minds.
Our wonderous bodies.
Our ability to love and to be loved.
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!   
..... and I wouldnt mind a bit of stuffing with that turkey, if you got some.

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