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All KINDS of stuff. Mostly ideas... politics, science, religion, fishing, food ....stuff that your mom told you wasnt polite to discuss.

41st Topic - I am Charlie

(edited 4:15pm 1/9) 

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40.6th Topic - And In Conclusion....

 ... it was a swell end-of-year series of holidays.  Lots of good food.  Lots of nice family.  I even got a quite a few swell presents.

Last Sunday (3 days after Christmas) was Yatesmas. Yes, it's another "made up holiday" but Im a big fan of the music (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxz4rNI7bUY).  BTW I once sent a card to the address "sung" about in Stamford CT, but it came back.  Someday maybe the Post Office will treat Yatesmas cards sent to the PO Box in Stamford the same special treatment they give mail addressed to you-know-who at the North Pole.
I also missed a special blog post for Boxing day (1 day after Christmas).   I know I gave all my servants here, from the chambermaid, to the wine steward, to the IT staff, to the guy that keeps my lugnut collection polished, a little something.  I hope you had the decency and good sense to do the same, lest you risk being murdered in your sleep by the rabble mob.
I see on TV that for New Years Eve, the artist known as Pit Bull will be rhythmically pumping his hand into the air.  How nice for him.   Iv'e seen this artist before and asside from rhythmically pumping his hand into the air, he has no discernable talent.   Apparantly he's Cuban so maybe there's a political connection that can be traced (along with blame) back to Obama.  As an artist, he begs us to redefine how we've completelty screwed up whatever esteem and prestige the word "artist" once had.
Frankly, New Years Eve (and tasefully matching Day) is another "made up holiday" in that there is nothing significant in that particular spot in Earth's orbit to call it Another Year Completed.  I plan on quietly observing New Years Eve reading or perhaps a rented/stolen movie, and solomnly celebrating New Years Day by wildly cheering on the Badgers in the Outback Bowl (Q: Held where?  A: Out back).
It seems to be a tennant of "serious" journalism to do a retrospective of everyone noteworthy who has died in the course of the year.  I dont quite get it.  Yes' I'll miss Robin Williams and Tom Magliozzi (half of the Tappet Bros) and others, but I started missing them when I heard about their passing, and I'll miss them for a long long time.  Though I wished him no particular harm, Kassey Kasem's passing left me unaffected.  Then, now, and next year.   Have we become so insulated and so short attention spanned that we need to be reminded of who we (may have) held as influential.  If we need to be reminded, how influental were they?  When I go, I suspect there'll be wailing throngs, all saying "who?".
I say Lets move on to 2015!
Go Badgers!
Go Packers!

40.5th Topic - The Big Day!


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40.4th Topic - And for the RestOfUs .....

 ... there's Festivus!!!   Today!!!

What???  You're poo-pooing Festivus because its a "made up holiday"???
Please tell me which holiday is not a "made up holiday"???  Here's a quarter and a clue.... THEY ALL ARE!
But for today.... let the Feats of Strength commence!

40.3rd Topic - The Reason for the Season

Its Here!  Its Here! 

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