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All KINDS of stuff. Mostly ideas... politics, science, religion, fishing, food ....stuff that your mom told you wasnt polite to discuss.

39th Topic - Thanksgiving

 Without a pilgrim in sight, I'd nonetheless like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.......

If you like your family, and get along with them, I hope you're able to spend some time with them.
If you have some friends, I hope you're able to spend some time with them.
If you have things to be thankful for, I hope you take a moment and contemplate your good fortune.
The food is nice, but as long as you have anything nutritious to fill yer belly with, its really somewhat secondary to the fact that we're all stuck with just a handful of years to make the best of things.   The "best of things" almost always consists of very few actual things, and even fewer that can be found in a Black Friday frenzy.
Our family.
Our friends.
Our community.
Our health.
Our wonderous minds.
Our wonderous bodies.
Our ability to love and to be loved.
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!   
..... and I wouldnt mind a bit of stuffing with that turkey, if you got some.

38th Topic - Poll Dancing

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37th Topic - The Produce Stand by the Highway.

This article touches on farm stands, real farmers,  "foodies", "local food", marketing, good customers and pantload customers.   It touches on them very well, I think.

Its been awhile I talked about food (as I said I would), and as I myself am not saying anything, I owe you folks one.

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36th Topic - Fish ON!

Its time to talk about the best way, IMHO, to waste time..... fishing.

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35th Topic - This space for rent

OK; the East Troy Bluegrass Fest has come and gone and if you werent there; you missed one good time (or 2 of 'em as it was a 2 day event).    There's a Tshirt meant for canoeists that says "Paddle faster.  I hear banjoes."   Its a reference to the movie Deliverance where you'd want to get away as fast as possible.  I get that, but when I saw it, my 1st thought was "Paddle faster to get there!  Maybe theres a dobro and mandolin, too!".   Well, theres no point leaving that topic dawdle, as its over and done with til next year.

Which leaves kind of a blank here, topic wise.   Suggestions will be entertained.  No, you wont be compensated.

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