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David Byrnes

Neither a Donkey nor Elephant

This blog might offend some. I'm not the most politically correct guy, but hopefully you will see eye-to-eye with me. Bottom line is I will take a look at today's problems, stories, politics, news and put a realistic take on it - not one bought, or one that is from the left or right - but one that will help all of us see through the arguments and fix what's wrong with our country.

Transocean Ltd

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Rainbow Springs and the DNR

DNR Rainbow Springs Golf Course How the DNR Stole Wisconsin Richard Moore Illegal Hunting Kettle Moraine Forest Superintendent Paul Sandgren

Since I was very young I have heard all the stories and history surrounding Rainbow Springs Resort.  Some may recall the name Francis Schrodel and know of all the good he did in the area. He developed many properties but his shining jewel would have been Rainbow Springs.  Sadly he never saw it open and in fact this started the base for the haunted house that use to draw in thousands every October.

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36 hours later

Health care bill politics Democrats republicans career politicians tea party Declaration of Independence

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Re: ???The end of the Indians????

Mukwonago Indians Rain Koepke Rep. Jim Soletski (D-Green Bay) Paul Strobel Amy Nixon

In the March 2, 2010 of the Mukwonago Chief  reporter Amy Nixon wrote a story titled, “The end of the Indians?”   I knew before I even read it what was going to be said in this article. It seems that every few years someone decides in this politically correct world that a Mascot that has been around for many years is now is offending some. The article mentions a high school senior, Rain Koepke and Rep. Jim Soletski (D-Green Bay), Koepke would like to see the end of the mascot and logo, and Soletski has introduced a bill that would fine the school districts if they find the logos and mascots discriminate or amount to harassment or stereotyping.

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Keep it local

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