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The end of time

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Who Is the Enemy?

Society and Morals, Perceptions, National Security

The latest Democrat whipping boy is the CIA, accused in a voluminous report painstakingly compiled over many a month, accusing the Central Intelligence Agency of perpetrating evil torture as a part of the interrogation of captured Islamic terrorists. This report has elicited domestic media and worldwide condemnation, often from nations ill qualified to criticize. Prosecution and incarceration of CIA personnel and poor George W. Bush, who will apparently never escape the appellation of evil incarnate rivaling Adolf Hitler and (boo!) Richard Nixon, has been demanded. Let's compare. So-called "enhanced interrogation techniques," aka torture, were utilized to obtain intelligence from captured Islamic terrorists. These are the same folks who, in the Middle East, are beheading hostages and massacring Christians, including an entire village gunned down by machine gun fire from pickup trucks, and four very young Christian girls, ages 11 to 14, who were beheaded for refusing to renounce their faith and embrace Islam, the "Religion of Peace." I dare say these courageous children are presently in the loving embrace of Jesus in Heaven. The interrogated terrorists are presently alive and well, little the worse for wear, being fed religiously-correct meals at Gitmo and elsewhere. The Christians and hostages, on the other hand, are dead and gone. I understand the ISIL/ISIS/IS folks are offering to sell the body of the recently-beheaded American journalist to his family for $1 million. Thoughtful of them. It is alleged in the Democrat report that the torture elicited little useful information. I have no way to determine the accuracy of this statement, but there is one unassailable fact. Since 9/11/2001, there has been no successful terrorist attack in the United States, despite the oft-expressed intentions of terrorist organizations, with possible exception of the Boston Marathon bombing which was likely an individual attack by two Islamic-convert idiots who should have been stopped by the FBI and Boston police. I am not aware that the CIA was involved to any significant extent. Therefore, there seems to be a clear indication that someone was/is doing something right to interdict potential foreign terrorist attacks. I doubt that it is the FBI or Homeland Security. or the local police. To demoralize and hinder the CIA in its attempts to detect and interdict foreign terrorist actions against the U.S. seems to be dangerously counterproductive. Over three thousand innocent civilians were killed on 9/11. That's what we are facing if we relax and abandon any non-lethal tactics to elicit intelligence from the terrorist cabal. I am not advocating carte blanche for the CIA or any government agency, but the waterboarded and sleep-deprived interrogatees are alive and uninjured. The tens-of-thousands of victims of militant Islam, and make no mistake, this is Islam/Hadith not an aberrant offshoot that we are dealing with, are dead or permanently maimed. It's been said you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. In this case, the eggs aren't even broken. Whether or not there were "excesses" in interrogation is irrelevant. The clear intent was to protect this nation from the most dangerous enemy we have ever faced. That's not a crime, at least not in my book. Time for a little perspective, folks.

Veterans' Day, 2014

Society and Morals, Perceptions, National Issues, History

There is something tranformational that occurs when you serve your country in the military, especially when in harm's way either in combat or, as in my case, by the nature of your service. I entered the U.S. Air Force a relatively immature young buck looking forward to a great experience, flying jet fighter aircraft. However, not much time passed before my outlook changed. I realized that I was serving my country, protecting it and its people from foreign attack. Suddenly, the game became much more serious and definitely not a game. Duty, honor, country became much more than a slogan, it became an imperative. This clear responsibility engendered a sense of purpose and pride I had never before experienced. I grew up.

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Global Humbug IX-Environmental Madness

Environment, National Issues

Creation took God six days--either literal or not, machts nichts. On the seventh day He rested. Even God was tired from the effort to create a perfect universe--Scripture says "It was good." Since then, man has messed with it, doing nothing but screwing it up. One huge example is the world's greatest scam, Global Climate Change.

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The Dogs of War-Scott Walker

Politics, Local Issues

The dogs are in full cry. They think they have Gov. Scott Walker treed, and well they might. The formerly "secret" John Doe documents recently released seem, at least from reading the media reports, to consist mostly of allegations and accusations by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's staff. In case you just came out of your cave, he, John Chisolm, is a Democrat. If you carefully read the report in Friday's daily newspaper, it consists almost totally of quotes and statements by said prosecutors, who not only have been defeated in the courts but are actually being sued.

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