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Dr. Joybottom's Elixir


Many years ago in the old west, on occasion a wagon would come into town, sides garishly painted with "Dr. Joybottom's (or whatever) Snake Oil Elixir--for whatever ails you." When a crowd gathered, the pitchman would hold up a bottle containing a liquid and loudly pronounce: "I'm Dr. Joybottom. My snake-oil elixir will cure any and all of your health problems, from hangnails to heart failure." Well, in the absence of effecive health care in the old West, folks snapped up Doc's magic potion. Of course it did not contain snake oil and couldn't cure anything, but it was about 80% alcohol so it sure would make you feel good.

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The Logical Christian

Science and Technology, Personal, Perceptions

I have been accused of being illogical because I am a Bible-believing Christian. Some of my atheist commenters are particularly incensed because, one, I am quite intelligent--I have the numbers to prove it--and, two, I have a scientific background. Both of these characteristics are considered irreconcilable by the atheist community with belief in God. They cloak themselves in the armor of science as a shield against the "mythical" belief in a Supreme Being, and they firmly believe that modern science is their ally. Well, allow me to begin with a personal anecdote.

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Society and Morals, Personal, Perceptions

I personally do not understand big game hunters, but then I do not hunt at all. Not a big deal, I just have no interest in it or need, like for food. I find it difficult to get the thrill of hanging the stuffed heads of dead animals on the wall. But then, I probably do not understand, as I said at the start.

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"A Generation of Monsters"

Society and Morals, Perceptions

There is great concern and public hand-wringing over the explosion of street violence in our cities. Homicide rates have skyrocketed and law-enforcement is frequently overwhelmed. In Milwaukee, homicides this year--83 at last count--are approaching the total for all of last year. The closure rate has plummeted from over 90% last year to approximately 50% this year.

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The New Barbarism

Society and Morals, Personal, Perceptions

In olden days, there existed a method of execution called "drawn and quarter" whereby the victim's four limbs were tied to horses who were then whipped, ripping the limbs off the subject. This method of execution would certainly be considered barbaric in the extreme today, and in fact was so considered long ago and discontinued shortly after it was adopted.

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