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The Real Thanksgiving Story: A Failed Experiment in Socialism

The following is a reprint of a blog I post each year for the Thanksgiving holiday.  For the last seven years, this lesson has become more and more valuable as we witness President Barack Hussein Obama continue to stir the pot and divide the country from within, make world-wide foreign policy disasters, ignore the national security threats facing the country, and to push his socialist agenda upon Americans - delighting when more people become dependent upon the government.  Shameful.  America only has a year to go until - hopefully -  we elect a real president - one who will actually uphold the Constitution and protect American values and American citizens.

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About those Syrian refugees...

Best statement yet on the Syrian refugees and those opposed at this time in history to allowing them to come to America:

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Stand Up For Dr. Ben Carson

The following is an article from "Accuracy In Media,"  written by Cliff Kincaid on November 6th, 2015. I found this column to be an excellent defense against the current liberal media assault being launched at Dr. Ben Carson right now. Understand that Carson, as the Republican front runner for president, is considered the biggest threat to Democrat Hillary Clinton. So - he must be taken down. The media is doing all they can to discredit this moral, intelligent, successful, and patriotic man.

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So the Clinton's weren't so bad...or were they?

The following has made its rounds on the Internet for quite a while, but now with Mrs. Clinton being crowned "The One" as the Democratic presidential candidate, it bears repeating. (Author unknown).

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Better late than never!

I had written this blog shortly after the first Democratic debate.  I opted to delay posting it due to the furor/interest my most recent post regarding the evils of Planned Parenthood generated.

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