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The War on Police

President Obama and his Administration have ginned up a lot of wars over the past few years. (And no, I don't mean the war on terror. That is one war Obama is happy to ignore).

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Isn't it funny?

Isn't it funny... ...how Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can go on her selective campaign tour (only meeting with hand-picked small groups) and refuse to answer ANY questions tossed at her from the media, yet Governor Scott Walker is called out by the media (for several days) for refusing to comment on whether or not Rudy Guiliani was right to say that Obama doesn't love this country? The very same media does not report that Clinton is avoiding their questions, nor do they hold her accountable for doing so. No problem. She gets a free pass. Walker neglecting to answer certain questions is media fodder for days, if not weeks

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A few more observations...

Hard to decide what to comment on, as it seems that so much is happening it is almost overwhelming. We have a president of the United States who sure doesn't seem to like this country very much. He is doing every thing he can to bring it to it's knees - all the while golfing and shooting hoops. That in itself says a lot.

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A few observations...

Given that there always seems to be something depressing, disturbing, dishonest, despicable, and dangerous going on in the news these days, it is sometimes difficult to determine one topic that stands out or what to write about. For this blog, I decided to offer up a few observations...

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Weather or not...

On WISN radio (AM1130) the other day, conservative commentor Dan O'Donnell's feature "Common Sense Central"  was about dire weather predictions.  Dire weather predictions made years ago from scientists, publications,  weathermen, and others that never came true.   Of course, today we have that favorite man-made liberal crisis - man-made climate change - poised to join O'Donnell's list in the near future...

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