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The Biggest Democratic Voter Drive Ever!!!

...will take place tonight, when "Emperor Obama" plans to go on ABC (oops, no), NBC (oops, no), CBS (oops, no),  ummmmm.....Telemundo!  yeah!  and announce his latest middle finger action aimed at the U.S. Constitution and proclaim that five million illegal immigrants will be granted legal status.  Woo-hoo!!! 

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The Audacity of Obama

Oh my goodness.  What a difference a few years make.  The following clip is from The Daily Caller.  See:   http://dailycaller.com/2014/11/16/shock-flashback-obama-says-illegal-immigration-hurts-blue-collar-americans-strains-welfare-video/

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Deceitful Obamacare and Stupid American Voters

Just today I came across the following article by Roger Aronoff at the GOP USA website.  Unlike former Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke, I did not simply cut-'n-paste Mr. Arnonoff's writing, but instead contacted him directly to seek his permission to re-print his post.  (I thought this was something interesting to share with my readers).  Mr. Aronoff graciously agreed in a very nice e-mail (and he also had high praise for our very own Governor Scott Walker).  My thanks to Roger Aronoff!   Read on...

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Elections Have Consequences

What a great week!  Governor Walker won re-election in Wisconsin and Republicans won the majority in the United States Senate and even picked up additional seats in the House of Representatives.  I think many Republicans and conservatives such as myself are still savoring the victory! 

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Congratulations Governor Walker!

...or, let's have fun with alternative titles to this blog!:

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