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Camp Bernie surprises!

Funny how the liberal media and liberals in general are quick to quip and snort about what they perceive to be Republicans "turning" on their own. We hear this all the time.

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What Goes Around Comes Around

Recently two issues have come to light which give one pause - and a few chuckles.

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Hillary Clinton hopes her supporters are real SAPS...

Today the liberal NBC News (as well as many other news websites) came out with yet another devastating story regarding Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's personal e-mail server. 

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Just a few political predictions for 2016

So I admit, I have had a few bloopers over the past years in regards to making predictions. (Even at work for our current NFL football pool, I have been doing incredibly awful picking winners and losers!) However, it is always fun to take a shot at trying to foresee what will and what will not happen regarding politics in the upcoming year.

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To tweet or not to tweet...

Wisconsin Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen recently read a tweet he apparently agreed with, and re-tweeted it out to share with his followers.

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