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Youth; Forgotten Voice

As a member of my community in Hamilton High School, I found that it was my responsibilty to let my voice be heard in various ways. By becoming president of three different Clubs (Amnesty International, Community Activists for the Revial of Empathy, and Rainbow Alliance for the Youth) I was able to let my opinion be heard and then act upon that opinion. Now I feel it is time to continue that work in my community. I wish to give youth a voice where they have none, I wish to voice opinions that are not normally represented in my community and I wish to make people think about some things that are not only community issues, but world issues. With that I hope you enjoy the blog and I look forward to your thoughts and opinions.

Hey, I predict...

I figured writing for a little bit might not be a terrible idea. And I just had to respond to a post somehow. 

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Good Night and good luck, adieu.

 The blogosphere is something I came to a while ago. The blogs here at LLC used to be more balanced and seemingly had some kind of decency to them. 

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In response to deletion of comments.

Recently I was asked to delete comments from my blog that involved personal attacks that had nothing to do with the conversation of my blog's content. I did so after being told my blog would be removed if I did not have the comments removed. 

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Health is not entitlement.

Alberta Darling, Dustin Klein

 I wanted to share this piece that I wrote the the UWSP Pointer this past week. 

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Now that the deadline has passed:

Scott Walker, Dustin Klein, Unions, Union Busting, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEIU, AFT, WEAC, NEA, Wisconsin, Protests, Not my Wisconsin, Teacher Retirement, Capitol Shutdown, Budget Repair Bill, Wisconsin State Budget

 This bill has no more reason to be passed. The fiscal matters in this bill have passed their date to refinance anything with the current budget. This means that even if the bill passed, the only point to pass it would be with a social agenda. 

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