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Preps Alcove

Lake Country Publications Sports Director JR Radcliffe provides tidbits and details from the Lake Country prep sports scene to the Wisconsin sports world at large. His weekly column presents exclusive interviews, commentaries and observations.

Complaints by Packers fans reaching new level of irritating

 Baseball has made me a terrible football fan.

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Rewards of coaching not in terms of dollars

 Former Lake Country Publications associate Joshua March wrote this a few weeks ago, looking at just how much coaches get compensated at the high-school level. We compiled data from the area high schools from the 2013-14 school year and tried to arrive at some numbers. As you might expect, coaches aren't doing what they do for the love of money.

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A Wisconsin sports happy pill during Brewers malaise

 Every day, I've been waking up believing the Milwaukee Brewers were finally going to turn it around. Every night, I go to bed disappointed.

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Talking sports with some of my friends

 For the third straight year, I'm stealing the "Talking Sports With Some of My Friends" format employed by colleague Chuck Delsman and riffing on sports beyond the varsity scope. I wish these were happier times, but Labor Day weekend has to rank among the worst in Wisconsin sports history.

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Coach's Confidential: How area football coaches view the issues

 One of my favorite elements on the "Push for the Playoffs" page (mycommunitynow.com/push) that we produce every year to cover the Lake Country and Now Newspapers football teams is "Coach's Confidential," which asks area coaches anonymously about their thoughts on various football topics.

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