1. iDevices, iGrill “mini.” What could be more convenient than a Bluetooth-connected grilling thermometer? Take the guess work out of grilling. Your “chef” will know when the food is ready from his mobile device. He’ll love it. Biebels True Value, Hartbrook Drive, Hartland; $39

2. For your master mechanic and handyman, consider this state-of-the-art Master Mechanic Swift Driver ratcheting screwdriver. It’s easy to use, durable and doubles the driving speed when working with screws. It comes with a flexible extension for hard-to-reach places. Biebels True Value, $13-$20

3. For the outdoorsman/ice-fishing junkie, give him a Striker Ice jacket that actually floats. It's well-insulated and works best with the bib coveralls; it will keep your trophy fisherman cozy warm all day. Dick Smiths Bait & Tackle Shop, 2420 Milwaukee St., Delafield; $199-$299

4. Maybe your guy doesn’t fish but walks the dog across the ice, or maybe he is an avid trail walker. A pair of MICROspikes gripper attachments for his hiking boots or shoes is perfect for keeping him upright. There will be no slips with this accessory. Dick Smiths Bait & Tackle Shop, $65


1. Infinity scarves are a ‘must have’ for any woman's wardrobe. They are so versatile and will nicely accent any outfit. The range of colors and styles is endless; you can’t go wrong. Bangles and Bags, Delafield, Oconomowoc and Waukesha; $15-$20

2. OC Jewelry makes a dramatic statement. A magnetic broach is the perfect way to dress up your wrap or tunic. The magnetic clip is strong enough to hold through heavy denim. Beverly Designs Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc; $40-$45

3. Lake Country jerseys are a big hit in Lake Country. The front lists local lakes, and the back reads LAKE COUNTRY with a Wisconsin logo. Women love the comfortable wear. It comes in red or navy blue. Beverly Designs, $55-$65

4. Any women would love to get pampered with a pedicure, rejuvenated with a facial or have the day’s stress released with a soothing massage. From a $29 classic manicure to a $380 spa package, it is impossible to go wrong with a spa gift certificate. Spargo Salon Spa, 1001 Cecelia Drive, Pewaukee


1. Newest in the drone series is an Inductrix FPV (first-person view) quadcopter. This lightweight device with improved stability sends great images directly to the operator via the screen attached to the controller. Crash resistant. Hobby Town USA, Heritage Drive, Delafield; $199

2. Embark on an expedition and conquer the challenges of building a new settlement with a Catan board game. Teens are drawn to it. It is a game of strategy that will bring friends or family together for a night of great fun. Hobby Town USA, $49

3. The choker necklace is back and is all the rage. According to Harper’s Bazaar, they have “been seen on the necks of models, off-duty, (and) everyday cool girls.” Your cool girl will love it. Bangles and Bags, $12 and up.

4. A kendama is a wooden skill toy that comes from Japan. It strengthens hand/eye coordination, balance and reflexes. Played by young and old alike, kendama tricks are done by juggling the ball in the three cups or spiking the ball with the ken spike. It is the newest great, fun challenge. Big Guy’s Magic Shop, Park Avenue, Pewaukee; $19-$39


1. Calico Critters are all the latest rage. There is huge selection of adorable animal families and exciting playsets that will keep your little one busy with imaginary play for hours. Hobby Town, $20-$100

2. Vex Robotic construction sets are perfect for jumping into the world of educational mobile robotics. They are challenging to build, and their movable parts provide entertainment. Great for that little engineer ages 8 and older. Hobby Town, $12-$90

3. A magic kit is a perfect way to keep that little entertainer busy. For a nominal fee, your little magician can take a lesson or two and be on his/her way to putting on a show. Big Guy’s Magic Shop, Park Avenue, Pewaukee; kits, $29 and up; lessons, $50

4. For toddlers to teens, this 2016 American Specialty Retailers Association “toy of the year” is awesome fun. It is a rollout piano that has built in speakers. Kids can record music and upload it to a computer. Easily stored, it can be taken anywhere. Silly Willyz, 161 Wisconsin Ave., Pewaukee; $49


1. Look at this “Love the Wine Your With” lighted two-bottle wine display case. What a nice way to light up the counter. Throw in a couple bottles of wine, and your family/friends will be delighted. Ben Franklin, Summit Avenue, Oconomowoc; $47

2. Your host/hostess will be more than pleased to receive a selection of Café Mocha instant coffee from Fireside Coffee. The coffee comes in over a dozen flavors, including pumpkin spice, chocolate covered cherry and butter rum. Ben Franklin, $8-$9

3. Great for the cooking enthusiast, a six-pack of oil and vinegars that pair well together would be the perfect gift. It will take gourmet meals to a whole new level. Olivia Di Vita, Genesee Street, Delafield; $30

4. Make up a basket of olive oil soap, balm and hand lotion. The moisturizing effect is amazing, and the scent is extremely pleasant. It has a very light feel but lasts a long time. Olivia Di Vita, $6-$13

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