As of this writing, I've been editor of 30West for 15 days. I laugh and introduce myself as "the new Amy." Amy Nixon, the former editor of 30West, left quite the mark on Lake Country and especially on this magazine. When I think about and plan the upcoming issues, I hope live up to her record of kindness, hard work and enthusiasm.

Passion I think I've got covered. I moved to Milwaukee three years ago, and I am beyond excited to explore the people and places of Lake Country. More than that, I'm grateful for the opportunity to share those stories with you. Working on this issue was a great way to start. Sandy Syburg and his company, Purple Cow Organics, are the subject of one of our features. I am truly impressed by Sandy's commitment to sustainability. I'm also amazed by the way he gives back: Read about his work with the Genesee School and more in Rebecca Seymour's story.

Laura Baird (another former 30West editor) offers an insightful glimpse into Oconomowoc's former Majestic Hotel in her Past Tense column. The hotel may be gone, but the aspiration and work ethic remain. In this month's Treasure Chest, meet Mary Poppens, who is just about as close to the famous singing nanny as you can get.

As our team looks forward to 2017, we would love to hear from you. Tell us what you like. Tell us about your incredible neighbors, your favorite watering holes, the hidden gems. Introduce yourself to me! After all, this magazine is for the community — you!

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