Cue the warmer weather and shed those layers, well, at least one layer. Spring is here, and it's time to freshen up your wardrobe with pieces inspired by the runway. Faye Wetzel, 30West columnist and owner of Faye's 123, and other local retailers weigh in on this season's trends.

Prints are big and bold and botanical this season. Wetzels' team travels to New York in spring and fall to observe the latest trends. She says, "Botanical (prints) are really interesting. It continues to be a summer and spring thing, but it's big in fall and winter this year, too." She continues, "To be able to wear something like this into fall and winter is really quite amazing."

Make a statement by showing off your shoulder. "Off the shoulder, cold shoulder and asymmetrical -- anything that shows a little bit of shoulder -- has been a trend for a couple seasons," says Faye. "And one of the reasons that's true is because I think anyone at any age can sport this look."

Power suits can have flair. Vertical stripes are known to slenderize, but colored stripes can liven up your workwear as well as your workweek. Wetzel says, "For spring and summer, stripes are a classic, but they've always been nautical, navy and white, but now strips can be vertical, horizontal. We're seeing a lot of color and the strips are very bold and graphic."

Bethany Frost at Merle Norman in Oconomowoc can outfit you for special occasions. She carries creations from designer Xiao Lin, who has local ties. Frost lauds Xiao Lin's designs, saying "She combines elements of untamed nature with sleek sophistication."

Children can get in on the spring trends, too. Wetzel says neon is popular in spring and summer, and look out for stripes and tropical prints. For formal occasions, Purple Giraffe in Oconomowoc offers sweet silhouettes in white that are versatile and elegant.

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