For Sale signs are popping up in neighborhoods throughout the Lake Country area and new home construction has gained considerable momentum. If you are in the market to sell your home, there are a number of steps you should take in order to attract potential buyers.

Make sure your home has curb appeal

“First impressions can set the stage for how a buyer feels about a home,” says Glenn Hanon at Shorewest  Realty. “If the driveway or sidewalks are not level or they are cracked and chipped, the bushes are not trimmed and lawns are not maintained, it suggests to the buyer that the place is not well attended to. Put down some fresh mulch, weed the flower beds, make sure the front door and sidelights are freshly painted and the windows are clean. Putting out a few pots of flowers will add a nice touch.”

Repair siding and touch up paint; replace an old garage door with a new trendy one. Consider adding shutters, window boxes or decorative molding to enhance windows and doorways.


“This is probably the hardest step but one of the most important when showing off your home,” Hanon explains. “Clutter distracts the buyer from your home’s potential. If you are having a difficult time getting organized and getting rid of things, there are professionals out there that can help.”

Clear out the closets. The less a closet has in it, the bigger it appears.

Garages need to be neatly arranged and the floors cleaned. Likewise, basements should be decluttered and cleaned from floor to ceiling.

Clean, clean, clean

“An unclean house suggests to the buyer that the owners have not taken good care of their home. Counters should be clutter-free, tile should be shined up, woodwork and blinds should be polished and windows should be spot free. Make sure the oven is clean. You would be surprised at how many shoppers look in ovens.” Hanon adds.

It is best to stay away from plug in air fresheners and scented candles. Buyers may not like the smell, may have allergies to them and may wonder what you are trying to hide.

Update and repair

“Update walls by painting over dated colors. Remove old wallpaper because if it doesn’t appeal to the buyer they will not want to have to deal with the task of removing it themselves,” explains Hanon. “Tighten loose cabinets, fix leaky faucets and make sure the doorbell works. Something as simple as a non-working door bell will send a message that the owner has not kept up with repairs.”

Details are far more important than you think.

Invest in professional pictures and heed a realtor's expertise

“Buyers will often start by shopping online to find places that interest them,” says Hanon. “Professional photographers know the best angles to use when taking pictures in order to provide an effective view of your home’s best features. You want the home to look as fashionable as possible; realtors will sometimes bring in props that will add some life to photos.” The quality of the picture can make a big difference in attracting potential buyers.

Upkeep, tidiness, cleanliness and fashionable decor are some key steps in helping you sell your home.

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