When it comes to home decor, people are mixing and matching styles to create a space that is all their own. Two styles that are finding their way into people’s homes are traditional and modern, which, when combined, can create a unique space.

Kristine Wright, owner of The Roost in Pewaukee, explains that by mixing styles, people can create a space that reflects the homeowners. Fewer people are buying pieces for an entire room in one purchase, as in room sets, and are leaning more toward mixing and matching pieces that speak to them. One way that people are achieving this is by mixing traditional and modern elements.

For example, people may pair metal and wooden chairs together at a table, or mix a hairpin rug with a rustic sign.

Additionally, “people are really liking texture,” says Wright. Blending wood and metal is one way to achieve that texture and combine traditional and modern.

For stores such as The Roost that features numerous vendors, people can mix and match pieces that have meaning to them. Additionally, people are mixing family heirloom type pieces with more modern design components. It really can be a mix of old and new, and even DIY projects. This piecemealing of pieces is a great way to not only mix styles, but to mix new and used (or upcycled) items.

“It’s just fun,” Wright says of mixing styles.

To successfully combine the two styles, Wright recommends having an equal share of each style. If a room’s decor is too heavily focused on one style, pieces with another feel may look out of place.

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