When the nor’easter winds whip and the mercury drops below freezing, nothing is more soothing than warming your tummy with your favorite hot foods at your favorite eatery. This is the time of year to indulge those cheesy dishes and hot, heavy sandwiches that really hit the spot. Of course, it’s not something you want to do every day, but now and then it sure helps to heat up the body on those icy cold days.

Here are some great places in Lake Country to get some of that cold weather comfort food.

The North Lake Inn, North Lake

“Hands down, the North Lake in has the best lasagna around,” says Josh Bahr of Merton. “It is one of my favorite meals during the winter months.” Patrons say the pizza takes a close second.

The Rustic Inn, Mapleton

“The baked onion soup loaded with cheese is to die for, and my friends tell me the chili is really great too,” says Kari Kaun of Lake Country. What could be better that hot soup on a cold day?

The Crafty Cow, Oconomowoc

“It may sound odd but the peanut butter and bacon burger is absolutely the most awesome thing to eat on a cold day,” recommends Amanda Durham of Sullivan. “They do a nice job of pairing a craft beer with it too.”

Hops and Leisure, Oconomowoc

Durham’s second choice for comfort food is Hops and Leisure’s Margarita pizza. “It isn’t too heavy and the perfect blend of basil tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on a thin crust is literally mouthwatering,” she says.

Falbo Bros Pizzeria, Hartland

People come from miles away for the pizza and wings. Kids love the mac and cheese pizza, and adults seem to choose the chicken Alfredo. One gentleman from Oconomowoc highly recommends the sweet Thai chili wings.

Glenda’s Cafe, Okauchee

Nothing warms a crisp, cold Sunday morning as well as a hot, plentiful breakfast. Customers rave about the eggs benedict and poached egg selections at Glenda’s. They say breakfast here will keep you full well past lunchtime.

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