Locals may know the site as “Old Lynndale Farm,” but any one of the dozens of vendors who contribute their work to Roost will tell you their vision is far from old-fashioned.

Their fresh, handmade take on everything from homemade soaps and home decor to repurposed benches and restored antiques is like a breath of fresh air for anyone out there who’s ever tried (and failed) at that Pinterest tutorial.

At least that’s one of the goals of Kristine Wright, who owns, operates and contributes personally to Roost where local vendors can rend by the square-foot to sell their products.

“No two days around here are the same, and that’s how we like it,” says Wright, of Pewaukee. “We always have new merchandise because we are fortunate enough to have vendors who are so passionate about what they do.”

And not one day has gone by since Wright re-opened Roost in March 2015 that she’s not felt grateful for the day’s work ahead of her.

“I feel so fortunate,” says Wright. “Who gets to go to work every day and they just love their job?”

The former stay-at-home mom has a marketing degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She says she found her true calling in something she remembers fondly.

“Honestly, the moment I thought maybe this is something I want to do with my life all started when I was reading about chalk paint and then decided to redo my mom’s old sewing machine,” Wright says.

Six years later, the sewing machine project holds a special place in her heart. More recently, Wright recalls a moment when she drew a bit of inspiration from some wine and a radio.

“It was so much fun,” she says. “I took out all the innards of this old radio and turned it into this beautiful wine rack.”

When the piece sold on the first day she brought it to Roost, Wright said she got reaffirmation for everything the shop embraces.

“We are here to see to it that all things local have a place to call home,” she says.

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