Sandra Renick is a passionate advocate of community theatre. The Pewaukee resident made her stage debut when she attended Waukesha South High School and went on to minor in theater in college.

It wasn’t until years later that she decided to audition for a musical at the Lake Country Playhouse in Hartland.

“In 2009 a friend suggested that I audition for ‘South Pacific’ with the Lake Country Players. I fell in love with the place and the people were so warm and welcoming. I was excited to be invited back to audition for their next show and it’s been a part of what I love to do ever since,” explains Renick.

Since playing Bloody Mary in “South Pacific,” Sandra delved into the world of community theatre, hitting the boards at the Lake Country Playhouse, as well as the Waukesha Civic Theater, Theatre on Main, Carroll University, Falls Patio Players and others.

Her wide-ranging resume continues to build as Renick seeks to challenge herself in new ways with opportunities that stretch her acting chops, including large-scale musical productions to intimate, lesser-known shows such as the “Dastardly Ficus and Other Comedic Tales of Woe and Misery.”

Renick also spends time behind the scenes, directing shows for the Lake Country Playhouse, the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha and other venues. “It’s all about telling a story and giving the audience something to think about. I pour a lot of passion into a project. I like to direct musicals and I often choose thought-provoking shows, like ‘Assassins’ and ‘Parade,’” she says.

Renick has been volunteering on the Lake Country Playhouse board since 2010, serving as vice president for the last two years. She is also the chair of the play selection committee at Waukesha Civic Theater.

Seven years ago, Renick started a Facebook page called Theatre Auditions for Southeast Wisconsin to provide information for people searching for local performance arts opportunities. The page has grown to nearly 5,000 members.

“It’s important for me to pay it forward. I created this group because of my love for theatre and desire to help inspire people to succeed,” says Renick. “I wanted to help other people make that connection with their local theatres just like I did when I first walked onto the stage at Lake Country Playhouse.”

For more information about Sandra Renick, visit sandrarenick.weebly.com.

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