This time of year feels not-quite-summer, but you’re not quite ready for beach reads, either, so how about something a little different.

There’s a gosh-darn nice good guy in “Silver City” by Jeff Guinn, and a purty girl with sass, both being chased by a dandy in a black hat. Yep, it’s a western, but not like Grandpa used to read. The characters in this book aren’t your normal rough cowpokes. First of all, and the language is mostly clean. Also featured: two real historical people to round up your round up, so get up, little dogies, and get this book.

There’s something about politics that you haven’t heard yet – but you will, once you read “Secret Service Dogs” by Maria Goodavage. It’s the real story of the patrol dogs that guard the White House and the president; how the dogs and handlers are chosen; what kind of dogs make the team; how they train; and why you often barely notice they’re around. This is an exciting book, but it’s also historical, and there are a few tears. Dog lovers won’t want to miss it, readers of history will enjoy it, and fans of politics will want to fetch.

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