Susan Kim is likely a familiar face if you live in the Milwaukee viewing area and watch TMJ4. She's been with TMJ4 since 1994 and can be seen every morning at the anchor desk of "Live at Daybreak." She and her husband Patrick Koenig live with their three children, Madeline, Gabrielle and Alex, in Wales.

My three kids, in all ways

Watching them sleep, watching them laugh, watching them argue, watching them succeed. Every single second that I am with them is a joy and miracle. I just wish I had more time. When experienced parents would tell me how time flies, they weren't kidding. But it's hard to fully understand the concept, until that time is over, and then it's too late.

My phone

Juggling three kids, a husband and career takes organization. And for me, that organization is in my phone. Work obligations, volunteer commitments, Alex's next baseball game, the next school band concert. All of that information is in that little phone of mine. I couldn't keep life straight without it.


I picked up golf when my youngest was 3 and got hooked. For me, it wasn't playing but practicing that I fell in love with. Being on the driving range, by myself, gives me time to think and focus on one thing. The playing part is fun, too!


I can't live without it. It doesn't always have to be a purpose at work. It can be about family, volunteer work or some other goal. If I don't have a purpose, I start feeling like I'm just waiting to die. I know, that sounds morbid, but I need to know there's a reason I was put on this earth at this time. One big purpose is trying to raise three well-rounded, good-hearted people to send out into the world.


I moved around a lot for my career when I was younger. At times, it was very lonely. Now that I've lived in Wisconsin for more than 20 years, it's nice to know there's always someone I can turn to for help.

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