Get to know Arrowhead High School's new football coach Fritz Rauch. We caught up with him and asked him about the five things he just can't live without.


My wife, Rachel, and I have been married for 11 years, and our daughter Cali is nine. Rachel and I met when we were both teaching at Homestead High School. Cali attends North Lake School and is a great, bright kid who we know will make us proud.


I grew up in Sturgeon Bay. Football's always been a part of my life. I believe its competition and values make men better men. I've been coaching for 27 years, and have competed against Arrowhead many times. I knew Arrowhead's previous coaches and know the success they had with their teams. For me, football is a life-learning experience which builds character.


I've been teaching as long as I've been coaching, 27 years. I teach English, mythology and comparative literature. I enjoy my students; I know the teen years are hard. I think it's important to contribute to them developing valuable relationships, to offer them role-modeling examples.

Extended family

The people surrounding you help define you. My mother, my brother, my in-laws, my wife's sisters. My wife has three sisters, so I'm getting a belated look at a more feminine family dynamic than in my own family. We all enjoy each other and learn from each other.

Friends and relationships

Part of my job is to build them both. Making and valuing friends and relationships is a process of seeking and appreciating quality in others. I have an over 30-year-friendship with my former wrestling coach, which means a great deal to me. I think you should hope to admire your friends. If your feelings towards someone are negative, that's probably not a friendship.

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