By day, Sharon Manke is the security officer for First Bank Financial Centre in Oconomowoc. In her spare time, she is a superhero among volunteers. She is board president of the German Christmas Market, president of the Service League of Volunteers at Shorehaven and co-founder of Kid’s Fest, which she still organizes every summer. She is the past president of the Oconomowoc Kiwanis, and she taught Sunday school at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church for 34 years. What keeps her motivated?


Family is so important to me. I am extremely close with my siblings, and my husband and I have a son in Appleton. I believe my greatest joy is being “Mimi” to my three grandchildren. A lot of families get together just once a year for Christmas, but we see each other pretty regularly and talk all the time; I’m glad we’re that kind of family.


I have a group of very close friends that gets together periodically to talk about issues with our families or health. We can always rely on each other to hash out any problems or concerns.


I love Oconomowoc. I’ve lived here my whole life, and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the community and doing whatever I can to make it better.


Something else that’s very important to me is respect. I am pleased at the level of respect I get both professionally and with the things that I do in the community.

German Christmas Market

It’s an amazing event, and I never take much of a break from it during the year. I’m fortunate that my job allows me the time and freedom to do so. Our board of directors is purely voluntary, and it’s a grueling weekend. We’re wiped out at the end, but it’s a good feeling that we’ve accomplished this together. We have a very unique downtown, and it’s wonderful to be able to showcase that to people.

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