Former To the Pointe owner and current owner of TTP Academy and MindFul Movement Nina Gaydos-Fedak of Hartland is well known for her beautiful dancing, and sharing that love with area students. As a member of numerous area committees, including several that she founded, Nina's dedication to the area goes beyond sharing her knowledge in the studio. We caught up with her to find out the five things in life make her groove.


The first thing I can’t live without is my family and our great friends.  Being from Cleveland, OH (go Indians), and not having any other family around, it’s so special to have people who care and make you feel like family.  Our kids and grandkids make every day special.  That’s what it’s all about!


I can’t live without are the beautiful paths and walkwayss in Hartland and the surrounding areas, not to mention the Ice Age Trail.  You can walk virtually anywhere, see wildlife and really be “in” nature. I also love the natural and organic culture, including farms in the surrounding area that provide healthy, natural food to our community.

Area Culture

The Lake Country area has so much going on with Arts and Culture; there’s always something to do.  I love the great restaurants, theatre companies, music, dance, and arts schools, coffee shops; the list is endless.  The downtown areas are destinations for people form outside the area, which is great!

 Area Organizations

There are so many amazing organizations in the area.  Just a few to mention are; Lake Country Caring, Tricia’s Troops, Wildlife in Need, the Food Pantries, and many more. I am thankful for all the work they do in the community.


I can’t live without all my animal friends.  I love my grand-dogs Herbie, Hannah, Zoey, and Sable the bunny who loves our yard and just sits there. I get a kick out of the ducks that tour our subdivision, and the countless birds and small animals that like to build nests and have babies in our yard.

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