Since 1992, Vicki Lublin has provided area residents with fiscal direction as a financial planner.  

Lublin was a stay-at-home mom before going back to school and starting her career in Hartland in the financial services area. She has owned her own company since 1992, which was relocated to Oconomowoc in 2008.  

She stays active as a member of the Lake Country Rotary, the Oconomowoc Arts Center, Oconomowoc Women’s Club, Oconomowoc Area Senior Center and the Oconomowoc Area Foundation.  

Though her schedule is busy, Lublin has a few go-to items that help her relax.  

  1. Passport I love to travel. I’m a big fan of Caribbean cruises in winter to enjoy the warm weather and blue skies. I love learning about new areas, people and cultures and exploring new places. 

  1. Gardening tools I’m fortunate to have a beautiful home surrounded by nature, and I love tending to my flower garden. After an afternoon of digging in the dirt, I like sitting back with a nice glass of wine on the deck.  

  1. A good book My business requires me to do a lot of reading, but I love the opportunity to read something different as part of my relaxation routine. I enjoy reading about philosophy, life and what makes people tick. I’m also part of a book club that helps me read a wide scope of works.  

  1. Yoga mat I’ve been practicing yoga consistently for three years, though it’s been part of my life to some capacity for a while. It helps keep me focused, strengthens by body and keeps me healthy.  

  1. Theater tickets I love going to live performances of all kinds. Whenever I’m in New York, I try to hit up a show. There are two theaters within five miles of my house, and I love supporting local theater. Among my favorite shows are "Fiddler on the Roof," "Wicked" and "Grease."  


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