Every day I see women shop without a purpose - wandering the store aimlessly, waiting for something to catch their eye. Then there's the customer who knows her wardrobe and knows what it's missing. She understands a thoughtful wardrobe makes life easier.

I constantly preach "you don't need a lot of clothes, you just need the right clothes." Our wardrobes should make our lives easier, not add stress. What we are all working (shopping) toward is a closet that fits the bill for all occasions. That's not as lofty a goal as it may seem. You need clothes for casual days - a good pair of jeans or two. What do you feel comfortable in for dinner out on Friday night? A tunic over a black pair of pants or leggings? Sweaters and wraps are your best friends. Your black dress will work for luncheons, weddings and funerals. A jacket to throw over anything and everything adds sophistication to any ensemble. Something suitable for black tie. Clothes for the gym, of course. Coats and jackets are essential. An assortment of scarves, a well-organized jewelry chest and an indulgence of shoes and boots extend your wardrobe exponentially.

I'd wager the above items make up the current 10 percent of the things in your closet that you wear!

So think long and hard about how you live and what you want to wear for your lifestyle.

Then and only then is it time to go shopping!

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