What is sugaring?

Sugaring is actually an ancient method of hair removal. On the upswing, sugar is basically just that: sugar, honey, citrus. Honey itself can be antibacterial and antimicrobial, tending to keep skin reactions low. While not for everyone, those that do not prefer or cannot use wax are happy for an alternative choice. One more advantage to sugar: this service can be done sooner than a wax removal service so no need to do the long wait time!

When should I stop coloring my hair?

99. OK, I'm being funny. For me I think the right time is when I am not working. Anyone that knows me understands that I will either be 99 at that age or lounging in heaven. For you, it's really your call. The down side, grey hairdos add a few years to your appearance. The upside is a significant savings in time and money.

How do I maintain my color in the summer? It always gets too light.

If you are out in the sun or swimming in chlorine or salt water you hair color will fade more. Best advice: wear a hat, put on sunscreen for your hair (yes they have them!), and do more deep conditioning treatments. Another tip: enjoy your lighter hair in the summer!

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