The big fat September issues of the fashion magazines have arrived! It's great fun to see what's new on the fashion scene for fall and winter. But if you're like me, after a while, excitement turns to frustration. I get overwhelmed.

Let's sort it out. Virtually all magazines, stylists and bloggers agree on these eight trends.


Checks, stripes, plaids, boxy, suiting, tailored, simple, clean.

Capelets and shearlings are standouts.

Renaissance Woman

Velvet is having a moment!

Embellishments and opulence. Lush brocades for both day and night.

Graphic goes mainstream

Eye-popping prints, placement prints.

Infatuated with the street

Luxurious track suits, hoodies, sportif stripes.

Puffers are the new denim jacket - wear with jeans and gowns!

All tied up

Fixated on skinny scarves, pussy cat bows, ribbon neckties.

Criss-cross patterns, laces.

The '80s

Power shoulders (think "Dynasty"!).

Leather that's heavy on hardware: studs, grommets.

Cold-shoulder, off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder.

Liquid metal: shine

Tinsel and high-shine finishes.


Chokers and statement earrings.

Hoping this helps. Visit your favorite stores to see how they have chosen to interpret the trends. And don't forget to inventory your closet to see what you already have that will work beautifully this season.

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