Repurpose is a buzz word these days. Regardless of the application, repurposing makes sense. Why waste time, energy or resources to reinvent the wheel or create redundancy?

Repurposing works in fashion, too.

A worthwhile goal is a closet that’s composed of at least 80 percent items that work year-round. No more summer closet and winter closet. With the technological advances in fabrics, this is attainable. There are tropical-weight wools, tissue-weight leathers and fine-gauge cashmere. Cotton, silk and many manmade fabrics are appropriate year-round.

Also, take a long look at what’s currently hanging in your closet: Sleeveless summer sheaths transition into fall and winter with the addition of a leather jacket or blazer. And there's no need to store those crop pants; they will work just as well in winter paired with a short boot. Showing a little skin between the pant and the top of the boot is on-trend. White after Labor Day is now also a trend! Pair your favorite white skirt with a black cashmere sweater, black tights and boots, and you could grace the pages of InStyle. Starting to make sense?

Now on to Faye's Repurpose Your Week's Wardrobe Challenge: Look at your calendar on Sunday, internalizing all your events. If you have something during the day and also in the evening, try your darndest not to change clothes. You can do this; maybe you take along a change in jewelry, a dressier scarf and a clutch to exchange for your tote. But the ensemble you wore for work takes you into the evening beautifully.

Wait, there’s more. Looking at your week, with how few changes of clothes can you get by? I’ll let you in on a secret. There are actually weeks where I alternate between two ensembles. Why not, if my audiences are different? Make it a game. You will be thrilled at the stress it eliminates in your life.

Remember: You don’t need a lot of clothes, you just need the right clothes.

Start the experiment: Repurpose your clothes, giving you more time for more purposeful pursuits.

Let me know how you do.

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