Is there a trick to putting a messy bun in your hair that still looks dressy enough for a party?

A great trick is to put your hair in a high ponytail and then braid the tail. Loosen the braid and twist it around in the form of a bun. Looks dressier for holiday parties and so easy even I could do it -- if I had enough hair to braid, that is! For an even dressier look, curl your hair first with a wand.

The front of my hair never seems to grow. Can you suggest anything to help?

So many women struggle with hair becoming thinner, not growing and even breaking. The culprits are age, hormones, medications, imbalances in our systems and even water.The answers include a few ideas: conditioning treatments, a good hair colorist, extensions, a cute shorter cut and good choices in products. Ask your favorite stylist about any questions you might have.

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