It’s fall, but I am still seeing a lot of crop pants. Is that OK?

Interesting, isn’t it? But, yes: Crop pants are definitely trending for fall and winter. Wear with a short boot. Is a little skin showing between your pant hem and the top of the boot? All the better. When it just gets too darn cold, pull your crop pants on over a taller boot ... or, if it’s a skinny crop, tuck it into your boot.

This is really good fashion news, as usually this time of year your crop pants would be relegated to the summer closet.

How do I know if something is age appropriate?

Face it: You know! I once heard this adage, “If you think you look good, you do.” We’ve all seen someone wearing something that just shouldn’t work, but “she can pull it off.” Conversely, if you feel uncomfortable in what you're wearing, you fool no one. However, there is no age where it is permissible to “wave the white fashion flag.” Shoes bought solely for the reason that they are “comfortable” and elastic waistbands that ignore an expanding waistline are never in fashion.

We all owe it to ourselves to stay updated. If you need fashion help, get it. Shop with someone you trust and whose sense of style you admire. Frequent a store where you are intrigued by the merchandise and the way the sales associates/stylists dress.

Can I wear white after Memorial Day?

Not only can you, but you should. White has become a color for all seasons. I asked my staff the other day if they could think of any fashion rule that is inviolable. Not a single one came to mind. Optic (bright) white in winter is chic. Navy/black combo is sophisticated. Mix your silver and gold jewelry. Sequins, lace, and embellishment during the day are all the rage.

So you have carte blanche to experiment with your personal style. Take a walk through your closet; open your mind, and put together a never-before-worn combination. You can do this. I believe in you.

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