How do I curl my hair like the pictures in the magazines?

My guess is you’re trying too hard. First tip: Curl bigger pieces of hair and not too perfectly. Second tip: keep the curling iron open. In other words do not close the clamp, simply twist hair around the hot barrel and hold for a few seconds. Last tip: Turn your head upside down and “squeeze” your hair to soften the curls more. Voila!

I use good products, get my hair cut and see a good hairdresser. I still have dry hair that looks fuzzy sometimes and just is not what it used to be. Any ideas?

I feel you pain! I also use great products, get my hair cut often and see great hairdressers and I hate my hair, well my hair texture. I have thyroid issues and, while not hard to manage, takes a toll on the feeling of my hair. Also. it has changed the way my curl looks wet and dry. A shorter style can often improve your texture and condition. If you just prefer your hair longer, deep condition, deep condition, deep condition.

I am not sure how often I should have a facial and why?

No matter how long the winter, our skin needs a good exfoliation to reveal its best skin. Facials offer deeper exfoliation as well as deeper moisturizing which encourages your skin’s healthy glow. Your aesthetician will recommend how often you should have a facial to maintain that youthful healthy look, usually once every 6 weeks.

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