As a company founded by a woman, for women and staffed by women, Faye’s has been passionate about women’s and children’s issues since the day we opened our doors 27 years ago.

For instance we recently participated in a fundraiser for St. Catherine’s Residence on the Lower East Side of Milwaukee. The mission of St. Catherine Residence is to ensure safe, affordable and supportive housing to low-income women of diverse talents and needs who aspire to maximize their personal growth and employment opportunities.

That mission statement is one of empowerment.

And, believe it or not, it’s the perfect segue way to talk about fashion and its role in our lives. I firmly believe that our clothes are the armor in which we face our everyday battles, big and small.

If we are confident in what we are wearing, we feel good about ourselves. If we feel good about ourselves, we feel empowered, empowered to do what we need to do for ourselves, our families and our communities.

So, once again I climb up on my soap box and admonish you to wear only what you love.

Spend time in your closet touching ever single piece. You will be surprised to find things you have forgotten you owned! As you touch every single piece, make a conscious decision to keep, consign, toss or donate.

When you are finished, you will only be left with things you love. Wearing only what you love helps you feel good about yourself and more able to live in your personal power.

Yours in fashion (aka empowerment),

Faye Wetzel, Founder 
Faye’s Women’s Boutiques 
Brookfield and Mequon

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