Packing for a trip is one of my least favorite things, but I have learned a few things over the years that make it less of a chore.

First of all, envision your itinerary and plan your clothes accordingly.

  • Concentrate on simple separates paired with dramatic accessories (scarves, ponchos, jewelry). 

  • Don’t pack anything you can only wear once (underwear and cocktail dresses are exceptions). 

  • You don’t need several pairs of shoes. The sneaker trend makes this so much easier!  Wear that sneaker with shorts and a T-shirt and a sundress. 

  • “Pajamas” should be able to make a morning coffee run. For me that means yoga pants, camisole, and a cardigan or shawl. 

  • Keep toiletries packed from one trip to another. 

  • Wrinkled clothes out of the suitcase? Here's my trick: unpack, put your clothes onto hangers, then hang them on the shower rack. Fill the tub with hot water. Close the door, and go to bed. Magic!

  • Remember there are stores where you are going. If you forget a key item, chances are good that you can shop for it. (Or, get creative and wear your existing wardrobe in a new combination.) 

  • I usually wear the same clothes on my outbound trip and the return trip.

Upon returning home, make a note or two about what worked especially well (or the opposite!). The objective is to get this packing thing more or less down to a science. Have a great trip!

Yours in fashion (at home and away),


Faye Wetzel, Founder 
Faye’s Women’s Boutiques 
Brookfield and Mequon 

Our store is in Brookfield.  But our heart is in Lake Country

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