By this time, you more than likely have more than an inkling of what to wear this summer.

Even if you are in the fashion business, it takes a while for things to “settle in and settle down.” In other words, industry experts and designers predict what customers will buy. But in the end, it’s you, the customer, who has the deciding vote.

This is a read on summer fashion that is making the journey from the store to your closet:

  • Athluxury It's an evolution of the "athleisure" trend. Performance fabrics make an appearance at cocktail hour on the pontoon.

  • Banker Boyfriend A crisp white shirt always looks fresh and enhances a sun-kissed complexion. 

  • Bold Shoulder Off-the-shoulder, ”Flashdance” shoulder, cold shoulder or single shoulder, it’s all still the hottest trend. Again, what better way to show off your tan?

  • Utilitarian Working Girl In one word: khaki. Half-tuck that crisp white shirt into khaki capris, slip into a pair of skateboarding shoes or sneakers, and you ascend to the top of the fashion food chain.

  • Neon Your black and grey ensembles are relegated to your winter closet. Don your favorite sorbet shade. 

  • Garden Party Summer botanical prints are unabashed in their femininity. Long tiered skirts and dresses, ruffled jumpsuits and voluminous sleeves are ready to make an appearance.

  • Super Stripes Nautical stripes are always a trend in Lake Country. But expand your thoughts to bold, thick, multicolored stripes. Whether horizontal or vertical, stripes are this season’s jolt of energy. 

  • Eclectic Jewelry Anything with raw stones or mineral “slices." Statement necklaces are long, long, long, and chokers are fine and delicate. Better yet, layer them together. Fixated on crosses and statement earrings. 

  • Happy with your handbag? Totes are fashionable and big enough to take on the boat with your beach towel and S’well bottle. Clutches reign supreme. Embellishment and charms add novelty. 

Your summer wardrobe should be easy and fun – just like the season. I’m sure you have some (many?) of the things on the above list already in your closet (white shirt? Khaki capris? navy striped T-shirt?). Experiment with putting your existing wardrobe together in new, creative combinations and treat yourself to a trend to freshen things up.

Wishing you the sunniest of summers,

Faye Wetzel 
Founder, Faye’s Women’s Boutiques 
Mequon and Brookfield 
Be Loyal. Shop Local

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