A GoFundMe account for a Delafield family has seen a wide outpouring of donations come its way.

The account, Brayden's Brain Tumor Medical Fund, was set up by Thomas Ribbens, the brother-in-law of Nick Stacey and uncle to Nick's 3-year-old son Brayden.

Both Nick and Brayden are battling brain tumors and have inspired people to contribute to the account. According to information on the GoFundMe page, as of Monday, 270 people have donated more than $18,000 to help the family handle its medical expenses, more than halfway to the fund's $30,000 goal.

The money will also help when Nick takes six weeks off from Aurora, with four to five of them being unpaid, for Brayden's radiation treatments, which will go for five days over six weeks. The start of those treatments has yet to be determined. Stacey will also be able to have someone cover his on-call shifts at the Town of Delafield and has flexible scheduling with Lake Country Fire and Rescue.

An account to benefit Brayden, Brayden Stacey's Medical Fund, has also been set up at Landmark Credit Union in Waukesha, according to Nick Stacey, who said people can donate to the account at any area location of the credit union and just by mentioning Brayden's name.

"When I take my six weeks off (for Brayden's radiation, which a starting date is yet to be determined), which will be unpaid, we'll use it so that we can obviously remain living where we're at," Stacey said. "One of our biggest goals is at the end which we have a chunk of money remaining, we'll make a $1,500 or $2,000 donation to Children's Hospital for their neuroscience (division), where Brayden was staying, because they were just awesome. They can buy new toys with it, or whatever they need to do. I want to make sure we have some money to make a donation to them on behalf of everyone else that has helped us out."

Stacey's co-workers from Aurora Health Care are also helping out. Stacey is an operating room technician at the Summit location.

Bowling fundraiser

David Barber, who now works at Aurora's West Allis location, is organizing the Bowling for Brayden: Family Fundraiser with another co-worker, Zoe Lecher. The event runs from 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29, and includes nine-pin tap bowling and a Halloween costume contest with prizes, along with a 50-50 raffle, raffle items and silent auction.

The cost is $20 per person; $12 will go right to the Stacey family. Check-in is at 6 p.m. with bowling starting at 7. Donations and raffle items are being accepted until Oct. 22.

Barber said he wanted to find a way to do his part to help the family and find a way to get people together for them. He wanted a place to get everyone together and decided to put together a bowling tournament using his past fundraising experience. He expected about 50 people to attend, including some people from work.

But the event has received a greater response than he anticipated. Barber now estimates about 150 to 200 people that will attend the event.

"I've had so many people contacting me," Barber said. "I had someone call from Weber Grill; they want to donate a grill. Just different people getting together just shows how much ...even if you don't really know them, that's how much other people care. It's just a great community support, I guess."

Questions about the event can be directed to Barber at 262-470-8303 or Lecher at 414-334-0267. To donate to the GoFundme account, visit www.gofundme.com/2p69824.

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