City of Pewaukee - The Pewaukee Joint Park-Recreation Board unanimously approved three items Oct. 12, focusing on the proposed 2017 capital equipment budget and repairs to Laimon Park's roof. Board members also reviewed the design of a concession stand that will be between baseball fields at the Pewaukee Sports Complex.

During the proposed capital equipment budget review, council members expressed frustration over the Pewaukee village president's refusal to share in the purchase of new lawnmowers with the city. However, Director of Parks and Services Kelley Woldanski said that other members of the village board asked whether there was a way to creatively budget for the mowers to avoid a large financial impact on both communities in one year.

In the meantime, she said, the department wanted to extend the life of the existing mower in its fleet. Woldanski said the reason for the proposed addition was the 30 acres of mowage expected to come with completion of the Pewaukee Sports Complex. The cost of the new 5900 wing mower is $88,859.

"We've already put money aside to replace that actual mower, so we're going to take that money and buy a new one with extra money from both of the municipalities," Woldanski said. "That's an easier way to increase our fleet without making both municipalities pay a significant amount of money. We're also going to put off buying the smaller mower for a year, which isn't a big deal."

Ultimately, the board passed the project.

The board also agreed to spend up to $13,500 for a new roof and four skylights for Laimon Park (in the building where Smokey's Bait Shop on Pewaukee Lake was located) to ensure that top grade shingle was used.

Members also viewed a draft donation agreement with Pewaukee Youth Baseball to build a concession stand at the Pewaukee Sports Complex, as well as securing future sponsorship opportunities at the park. A final agreement is still being negotiated as the board works with Pewaukee Youth Baseball on the agreement's details, including details on the concession stand's design. No price has been set yet.

Next month's Joint Park and Recreation Board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesay, Nov. 9.

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