• Police responded to Olympia Resort on Oct. 16 for a complaint of a sexual assault that allegedly took place in a hotel room. The victim, a 23-year-old West Allis woman, later changed her mind and did not want to pursue sexual assault charges, but did wish to pursue domestic violence-related battery charge. According to the police report, the man said the two were having consensual sex and stopped when they began to argue. The man, 32, also from West Allis, admitted to pushing her away because he said she has a tendency to get violent, and that she fell to the ground and that she was drunk and yelling. The man also alleged that she swung a clothes iron at him. Police are seeking battery and disorderly conduct charges against the man. The case has been forwarded to the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office for review.

Disorderly conduct

  • Police are seeking a charge of disorderly conduct against an 18-year-old Oconomowoc man after an incident that took place Oct. 13 in the 1,000 block of Shady Lane. According to a police report, the man got into an altercation with his father and left the house. When he returned, he became uncooperative with police and registered a .20 result on a preliminary breath test. He was cited for underage possession/consumption of alcohol and the matter has been sent to the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office to assess.
  • A charge of disorderly conduct is being sought against a 42-year-old man from Iron Ridge, Wisconsin. According to the police report, a man in the 1000 block told police he was hit in the face several times by his ex-girlfriend.The woman admitted to pushing the man but denied hitting him.

Filing false police report

  • A 22-year-old Gurnee, Ill. man received multiple citations after he staged and reported a false crime. The man initially told police that two men entered the apartment in the 400 block of W. Wisconsin Ave., and that a struggle ensued, knocking over a television. The man kept confusing their descriptions and reported that the only thing missing was an X-Box game, controller, and cords. His girlfriend, whom he met online two-weeks prior, told police that man had previously claimed he spilled juice on some video games and then threw them in the lake because he knew she would be angry. The woman told police she did not believe his story about the theft of the games. The 22-year-old later admitted to selling the games and controllers. He was cited for theft, obstructing police and filing a false police report, and criminal damage to property for breaking the television to create a crime scene.


  • A vehicle driven on Oct. 14 by Tammy La Plante, 58, 1002 Lexington Dr., was southbound on Highway 67 and failed to see the traffic light at Interstate 94 was red, according to a police report. La Plante’s vehicle struck the vehicle driven by Catherine A. Sadler, 53, of Mukwonago which had a green turn arrow and was turning westbound on to the I-94 ramp. La Plante was cited for violation of traffic control signal. Both vehicles were towed from the scene of an accident.
  • A west Bend driver received multiple citations following an accident Oct. 7 at Highways DR and 67. According to the police report, the vehicle driven by Mark Gawalek, 20, was eastbound on Highway DR and rear-ended the vehicle driven by Jessica Casey, 40, N996 Fox Run, #7, which then struck the vehicle driven by Steven Krafcheck, 61, N2299 Forest Run.  Gawalek did a U-turn and drove westbound on Highway DR. A witness followed the vehicle and got its license plate number and a description of the driver. Casey and a passenger in Krafcheck’s vehicle reported being injured as a result of the crash. Gawalek was cited for hit and run causing injury, inattentive driving, failure to notify police of accident, and operating without insurance. 
  • Suzette Key, 57, 623 Summit Ave., #222, was southbound on Summit Avenue when traffic began to slow. The vehicle driven by Patricia M. Johnson, 81, 919 Summit Ave., did not slow in time and struck the back of Key’s vehicle.Johnson was cited for inattentive driving and Key was transported to the hospital.  Both vehicles were driven from the scene.
  • A Sussex driver was cited for inattentive driving following a four-vehicle accident on Oct. 6. The vehicle driven by Alexis O’Donnell, 18, of Sussex, was eastbound in the 500 block of Wisconsin Avenue as the vehicles ahead were stopped in traffic. O’Donnell failed to stop in time and struck the vehicle driven by Jamie Geyer, 33, N7771 Vicksburg Way, #B, causing it to push into the vehicle driven by Kyle Biali, 29, of Jefferson, which then struck the vehicle driven by Joshua Crouch, 31, 1524 Westfield Court.Geyer’s vehicle was towed from the scene. O’Donnell was transported to the hospital and her vehicle was towed from the scene.
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