Haylie Reese of Helenville received an award from Ebert’s Greenhouse Village for a poem she wrote for Earth Week, submitted by her teacher Judy Acker. Haylie is 9 years old and attends third grade at St. Peter’s Lutheran School in Helenville.

The award was presented on Sunday, April 23, at Ebert’s Greenhouse Village, W1795 Fox Road, Ixonia, WI 53036.

Haylie's poem is below:

Working together to create a
healthier tomorrow/. 
With all the pollution there is sorrow.
So please don't hurt the trees!
Trees give us clean air.
So show them you care.
Please don't waste paper!
Because then we will have no water vapor.
Don't leave trash on the ground!
Or I will find you and you will pound!
Recycle your cans and you'll have some fans!
Don't ruin my plans with your dirty cans!

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