Two Lake Country churches will merge to form one with the goal of improving membership and giving a permanent home to one of the churches.

NorthPoint Community Church and Lake Country Congregational Church will host services under the same roof starting Sunday, Oct. 23, according to NorthPoint Pastor Allan Jahneke. The two services will be separate, with NorthPoint holding its service at 9 a.m., and Lake Country Congregational holding its service at 10:30 a.m. Sunday school will be at 9 a.m. Jahneke will give both sermons at Lake Country Congregational Church, 400 W. Capitol Drive, Hartland.

The two churches hope to benefit from the merger, Jahneke said. NorthPoint has held its service at North Lake Public School in North Lake for the last 10 years. The church leadership hoped to build a church in Merton, but never raised enough money to do so.

Lake Country Congregational's pastor recently became ill, and the church has struggled to find a replacement, Jahneke said. Membership has declined, and the church has considered closing.

“We both agreed to help each other, and that's the message I think is important,” Jahneke said.

The two congregations still need to work out a lot of the details, such as forming a constitution for the church, a new name, and how to handle services. The two also will likely cross paths in the way they do missionary work because North Point focuses on international mission trips, and Lake Country Congregational has a more locally oriented missionary vision, according to Jahneke.

“It's a transition, but we're excited,” Jahneke said. “It's a really happy time for us to have a building finally because we've worshiped in the gym for ten years.”

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