Village of Pewaukee - Trustees on Tuesday, Oct. 18, delayed action that would have paved the way for construction of a pedestrian pathway and bridge landing pad.

The board tabled the issue until its next meeting at the request of resident Patricia Gregor, who expressed concern that the pathway would affect her ability to sell her property at 135 Wisconsin Ave.

"I've been trying to sell the land, and knowing that the developer will be pursuing with the development plan, I do not want to do anything that could or would adversely affect the potential future building plan," Gregor said to the board, "and I want to leave this detail to a future developer."

Village President Jeff Knutson said the village looked to build the pedestrian bridge between property owned by Siepmann Realty, which recently completed the Old Main Street in the downtown area and the vacant property owned by Gregor.

"For it to work, we needed 6 feet on one side and 6 feet on her side," Knutson said. "Siepmann granted us the easement rights when he developed the property because he feels and sees there will be a definite benefit not only to his business but to the village as a whole. She (Gregor) at this time has refused to give us the easement rights, and as she said, she's concerned that if those easement rights are given, then the property isn't worth anything."

Knutson said getting the easement approved isn't as simple as offering Gregor money for her property. Gregor also has the right to seek an independent assessment. Also playing a factor was the lack of information from the company that wanted to construct the easement, Knutson said.

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