Village of Nashotah — Inspirio Youth Ministries in Nashotah will cease operations March 31, citing a lack of funding for its programs.

The Inspirio board of directors voted to end the ministry's operations after it became clear that it will end the 2016-17 fiscal year without sufficient funds to begin the next fiscal year, according to a news release.

"It is extremely sad and devastating to let this ministry end," the news release said. "Yet we do so with a deep appreciation for your belief in and commitment to the youth in our community."

Inspirio, a Christian youth ministry organization that was founded in 1980 as TYME OUT, has provided retreats, summer camps, social justice programs, family experiences and leadership training for than 300,000 young people, according to its website, inspirioyouth.org.

The ministry group has relied through the years on donations from individuals and organizations and is seeking continued gifts for its remaining operations.

"From December through March, we anticipate serving approximately 1,200 young people," the news release said. "Any gift at this time would be to ensure that Inspirio can serve these young people effectively and end our ministry with dignity and integrity."

Inspirio tried a number of initiatives to gain financial stability, including increasing prices, support from parishes, outreach to parents and reorganization staff roles.

"These efforts have not been sufficient and will not provide Inspirio the income it needs to move forward," the release said.

The ministry takes in income of about $250,000 annually, which is about $100,000 less than the group needs to break even.

Going forward

Inspirio will honors its commitments for retreats and programs until March 31, according to the release. Programs after that date will be cancelled.

Staff members at Inspirio will be out of work, but the organization is working closely with staff members to help them find other work.

"There is no doubt this is a challenging situation, and it is sad for the staff. They are an incredibly committed group of individuals," the news release said. "Inspirio is doing its best to be fair to staff and help them find their next vocation."

The Stone Bank facility -- which formally housed Stone Bank School -- will be sold, and the proceeds will be used to pay off the anticipated debt from operating the next few months, the release said.

Inspirio staff is encouraging those with questions to call the office at 262-966-1800.

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