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Most elections this spring should be fairly uneventful, with many incumbents or even newcomers running unopposed. A few races promise more excitement, however, with primaries needed

Spring brings another round of elections. Candidates had from Dec. 1 through Jan. 3 to circulate nomination papers. Primaries, where necessary, will be held Feb. 21. The general election will be April 4.

School districts

Arrowhead (three seats) 

Merton representative: Joseph LeBlanc (inc.), Amy Hemmer

Stone Bank representative: Tim Langer

At-large representative: David Dean (inc.), Braden Pusch

Stone Bank (two seats) 

Dave Newman (inc.),  Sara Kureck (inc.)

North Lake (one seat) 

Sue Schultz (inc.)

Richmond (one seat) 

Craig Vento (inc.)

Lake Country (one seat) 

At-large representative: Carol Reise-Schouten (inc.), Mary Stolp

Hartland-Lakeside (one seat) 

John Reichert (inc.)

Swallow (two seats) 

Peggy Moede

Incumbent Rebecca Morrison is not seeking re-election.

Merton (two seats) 

Phillip Spindler (inc.), Kristopher Pseisser, Kaysie Kurscewski

Incumbent Amy Hemmer is not seeking re-election.

Pewaukee (three seats) 

Brian Kammers (inc.), Larry Dux (inc.), Keith Manbeck (inc.), Dacia Hopkins and David Baylor

Kettle Moraine (two seats) 

Gary Vose (inc.), Jay Crouse (inc.)

Oconomowoc (two seats) 

Mike Bickler (inc.), Sandy Schick (inc.)., Glenn Cocharane, Samuel L. Levin, Dan Raasch, James Wood

A primary will be held Feb. 21.


Town of Ashippun 

Chairperson: Steve Panozzo (inc.)

Supervisor 2: Bill Bremer (inc.)

Supervisor 4: James Meyer (inc.)

Town of Delafield 

Chairperson: Larry Krause (inc.).

Supervisors (two seats): Edward Kranick (inc.), Ron Troy (inc.).

Town of Genesee 

Chairperson: Sharon L. Leair (inc.)

Supervisors (two seats): Jeffrey Schmittinger (inc.) and James Morris (inc.).

Town of Ixonia 

Chairperson: Perry T. Goetsch (inc.)

Supervisors (two seats): Jeff Taylor (inc.), Peter Mark (inc.)

Town of Lisbon

Chairperson: Joseph Osterman (inc.).

Supervisor 2: Marc Moonen

Incumbent Hannah Heinritz is not seeking re-election.

Supervisor 4: Rebecca Plotecher (inc.)

Town of Merton 

Chairperson: Tim Klink

Incumbent Richard Nawrocki will not run for re-election.

Supervisor 1: Richard Morris (inc.)

Supervisor 3: Don Herrick (inc.)

Town of Oconomowoc 

Chairman: Robert C. Hultquist (inc.)

Supervisors (two seats): John Roelandts (inc.) and Terry Largent (inc.)

Town of Ottawa

Chairperson: Cheryl Rupp

Incumbent Richard Arrowood will not seek re-election. Rupp resigned from her supervisor position to run for chairman.

Supervisor (two seats): Thomas Casper (inc.)

Incumbent Gary Goodchild will not seek re-election. The open seat will be appointed by the town chairman.

Village of Chenequa 

President: Susan Wilkey (inc.)

Trustees (three seats): JoAnn F. Villavicencio (inc.), Dwyn von Bereghy (inc.) and Michael Pranke (inc.)

Village of Dousman 

President: Jack Nissen (inc.)

Trustees (two seats): Rita Hawk (inc.) and Harold Dessart (inc.)

Village of Hartland 

President: David Lamerand (inc.), Jeffrey Pfannerstill

Trustees (three seats): Richard Landwehr (inc.), Randy Swenson (inc.), Ann Wallschlager (inc.) and David Pride.

Village of Lac La Belle

President: Timothy J. Clark (inc.)

Trustees (two seats): Mark Wille (inc.) and Robert Butendorf Jr (inc.)

Village of Merton

A caucus is planned for Jan. 17 to determine candidates. Village President Ron Reinowski and Trustees Mark Baral and Jeff Smith have all indicated their intent to seek re-election.

Village of Nashotah

President: Richard Lartz (inc.).

Trustees (two seats): Jackie Gardner (inc.) and Theresa Urbanchek (inc.)

Village of North Prairie

President: Gary Nickerson (inc.).

Trustees (three seats): David Stellpflug (inc.), Dan Jump, Kay Singh and Frank Rewasiewicz.

Trustees Donna Samuels and Brian Peters will not run for re-election.

Village of Oconomowoc Lake

President: Joseph Birbaum (inc.).

Trustees (three seats): Jeff Fellows (inc.), Chris Schult (inc.), and Brian Waltersdorf (inc.)

Village of Pewaukee 

President: Jeff Knutson (inc.), Tom Calder

Trustees (three seats): Paul Evert (inc.), Cathy Baumann (inc.), Edmund Hill, Colleen Clancy, Carole Stamm, Meaghan McBride-Hayes and Robert Rohde.

Calder will not seek re-election for his trustee seat. A primary will be required for the trustee positions.

Village of Summit 

President: Jack Riley (inc.).

Trustee: Kraig Arenz (inc.), Karl Buschhaus and Sandy Casterline

Trustee Susan Moran will not seek re-election.

Village of Wales 

Candidates will be selected via caucus. Incumbents are Village President Jeffrey Flaws and Trustees Eugene Mayernick, John Meyer and John Reinbold.

City of Delafield 

Alderperson District 1: Kent Attwell (inc.)

Alderperson District 3: Jackie Valde (inc.)

Alderperson District 5: Matt Grimmer (inc.)

Alderperson District 7: Tim Aicher (inc.)

City of Pewaukee 

Mayor: Steve Bierce (inc.)

Municipal judge: Gary Glojek (inc.)

City of Oconomowoc 

District 1 Alderman: Jeffrey Schmidt (inc.)

District 2 Alderman: Louis Kowieski

Incumbent Ken Herro (inc.) will not seek re-election.

District 3 Alderman: Michael Miller (inc.)

District 4 Alderman: John Gross (inc.), Kevin Ellis

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