City of Delafield — The BP gas station on Highway 83 is apparently closed.

Over the weekend of Jan. 7, according to a tip called into city planner Roger Dupler, the station was found to be boarded up and closed.

"The city takes efforts to monitor when businesses open. Nobody informed us that they closed," Dupler said. "I just heard about this from another call, that's all I know. A developer drove by and saw that it was boarded up and was curious and had the same questions."

City clerk Sara Bruckman echoed similar statements.

"All that we're aware of is that they've closed," Bruckman said. "That's the only information, to go out of business. That's the only information we have."

The closing caught the city of Delafield by surprise, according to Bruckman.

"From a standpoint, the public works is trying to get the water and stuff shut out. They weren't even aware of what was going on, so it took us all by surprise," Bruckman said.

Efforts to contact the station franchise owner were unsuccessful.

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