Town of Lisbon — Town Chairman Joe Osterman remained optimistic about the possibility of an out-of-court settlement in the town’s disputes with the village of Sussex and the library board over the Pauline Haass farm despite the town board adjourning a 35-minute closed session on Monday night, Jan 9, without an agreement.

Pauline Haass Library Board President Tim Dietrich had scheduled closed session meetings for both the library board and the village board on Tuesday, Jan 10, predicated on the possibility that the Lisbon Town Board might approve at least the concepts of an out-of-court settlement.

Osterman and Dietrich declined last week to reveal the details of the possible settlement that they had worked on along with other town, village and library officials.

According to sources, the agreement, if ratified, would enable the town to maintain possession of the approximately 65-acre farm, while the village and library board would not be required to share library assets with the town.

But according to Osterman, town board members had questions during the closed session about the concept of the agreement that Osterman said he needs to clarify with Dietrich and other village and library officials.

“I am still optimistic,” he said after the closed session, which included Town Attorney Katheryn Gutenkunst.

Osterman and Town Administrator Matt Janecke said there are also some legal issues pertaining to a possible settlement that should be worked out. “So far, there is nothing on paper, and it could take the lawyers several weeks to draft something,” Janecke said.

It was unclear whether Dietrich, who is also a village trustee, would continue with the closed meetings scheduled for the library and village boards on Tuesday.


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