PEWAUKEE - A local woman's cat recently received the attention of a national TV show.

On Sunday, Feb. 12, a video aired on "America's Funniest Home Videos" showing Amy Mattox's orange tabby cat, Louie. Louie was lying next to Mattox and petting her face while she was resting in bed. Mattox said had sent in several videos of her cat, but did not expect that particular video to be shown.

"I forgot it was that video because there was a few videos that I've taken," Mattox said. "I didn't realize it was that one, and when it was that one, I'm like 'Oh, man, that's embarrassing.' because I was in my bed, and he was petting my head."

Others have noticed, too, and let Mattox know about it.

"I've had people on my Facebook saying 'I saw it. He was petting your face.' I'm like, 'It should be the opposite. It should be me petting him," Mattox said. "He's got one paw around my neck, and the other paw rubbing my face."

She said she had put a generic Facebook post out announcing it.

"Tons of people responded in shock. People I work with, if they were working yesterday (Sunday), they were recording it," Mattox said. "The people I work with, I'm always telling them the latest and greatest thing that he did."

Finding the cat, getting the call

Mattox found the 3-year-old cat a year and a half ago thanks to a friend who found him near her work as two Rottweilers went at him. When her friend couldn't find the owner, Mattox decided to look for a place where she could have pets. Her friend took Louie to the Waukesha County Humane Society, where he stayed for a week.

On the same day Louie was eligible for adoption, Mattox found out she got the place she applied for that allowed her to have pets. She adopted Louie the same day.

From the beginning, Mattox could tell Louie was different, jokingly referring to him as a dog in a cat costume. She said he has done similar crazy things before, such as climbing on a friend's lap, moving her hand out of the way and eating her pizza. Louie also sat outside on a friend's patio and two huge Rottweilers were barking at him inside through the patio door. He didn't flinch and looked in the patio door, walking in when the patio door was open like it was no big deal, according to Mattox.

"Nothing phases this cat. He's like a dog in a lot of ways," Mattox said. "He will beg for people food, he will bat food off your plate so he can eat it. He's obsessed with the shower. He will sit under the shower and just let the water fall on him."

Mattox said that she and a close friend always filmed Louie doing his crazy antics, and took pictures. One day, her friend suggested she send in one of the videos. Last Wednesday, she got the call from the show that it was going to air. 

"I was shocked," Mattox said. "I was like, 'Wait, is this for real? Is this really happening?"

Future appearances?

Mattox said that she plans to continue sending in videos of her cat to the show, as she said Louie seems to do something funny every day. She has also been told she should start a TV show because of that.

Those actions are something Mattox didn't anticipate when she picked him up a year and a half ago, much less that her cat would be on a TV show.

"I never would have imagined," Mattox said.

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