VILLAGE OF PEWAUKEE - With local roadways needing repairs and equipment needing to be replaced, the village board on Feb. 7 approved $3.785 million for road improvement, equipment and sewer projects from 2017-19.

In total, $1.475 million will go toward road projects, $145,000 will go toward sewerage projects and $2.165 million will refund village obligations, including interest.

The road projects include pulverizing and repaving 3,200 feet of Cecelia Drive for $298,000, along with milling and repaving 725 feet of East Wisconsin Avenue from Oakton Avenue to Prospect Avenue, including sewer and water utilities, for $255,000 this year.

Other projects include dead-ending 1000 feet from Spring Street to Prospect Avenue, along with a four foot curb and gutter for $593,000; dead-ending 1,055 feet of Lookout Drive from 3rd Street and adding a curb and gutter, along with water, sewer, and stormwater utilities for $336,500. Both projects are scheduled for 2018.

Three projects scheduled for 2019 are adding a curb and gutter to an 840-foot stretch onThird Street from Lookout Drive to Richmond Drive, plus water, sewer and stormwater utilities for $228,600; adding a curb and gutter along an 840-foot stretch of Caldwell Street to Maiden Lane from Capitol Drive for $318,000, including sewer and storm water utilities; as well as reconstructing a 565-foot stretch of West Avenue from West Wisconsin Ave with a dead-end, curb and gutter and a 5-foot sidewalk on the east side of the street for $277,700, including water and sewer utilities.

There will also be equipment that will be replaced.

Village President Jeff Knutson said the former engineer hadn't put together a replacement plan for the equipment.

"It's always been 15 to 20 years to replace equipment," Knutson said. "Well, sometimes, 15 to 20 years just don't work because the equipment gets old faster than you want it too."

The equipment

The village will purchase a brush chipper for $45,000 to replace a 2004 Toro mower unit; a three-quarter-ton pickup truck for $33,000 to replace a 1999 GMC 2500 three-quarter-ton pickup truck; and a police SUV/tow vehicle to replace a 2006 Chevy Suburban for $31,500.

In 2018, the village will look to replace laptops for the police department's six squad cars at a cost of $27,000, along with two automatic license plate reading systems in 2019 for $40,000. It will also look to purchase a 5-yard dump truck to replace the village's current 1998 Ford dump truck L8501 in 2018. The village will also look to purchase a pavement saw for $8,000, a line striper and a Cushman Cart for $38,000 in 2019.

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