CITY OF DELAFIELD - Lake Country School will be closed Wednesday, March 1, due to a larger than normal number of students and staff contracting illnesses over the last couple days.

According to Lake Country School Superintendent Mark Lichte, more than 20 percent of the school's students and 25 percent of the school's staff are absent, with pockets of up to 45 percent sick in certain grade levels. Many students were down with fevers, Lichte said. Several cases of strep throat were also reported.

The school sent home a letter to students' parents saying that after school officials conferred with Waukesha County, its medical director and several parents, they decided to close the school Wednesday to disinfect the building. They encouraged parents to keep their children home if they had fevers or respiratory conditions.

The school's closure on Wednesday includes all after-school activities and field trips. A field trip scheduled for Thursday is still under consideration. The letter said the school would inform parents by 8 a.m. Wednesday.

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