CITY OF PEWAUKEE - Months — even years — of uncertainty over the future of fire protection for the village of Pewaukee were put to rest Monday, March 20, when the common council approved a new fire and emergency medical services contract with the village. The village tentatively approved the agreement earlier this month.

The new five-year, $1.361 million contract with the village includes a 3-percent increase yearly and an opt-out clause after 18 months. Previously, the contract was based on the number of fire and EMS calls the city received. The new agreement would see the city charge the village a flat fee instead of per call. It will go to the village of Pewaukee board Tuesday, March 21, for its final approval.

Mayor Steve Bierce said that since the tentative agreement was reached, there was little negotiation that needed to be done.

"I think, just like anything, everybody's hoping this is the start of a fresh da,y and hopefully we can move forward on this one and onto other things," Bierce said.

Bierce said the contract will provide stability and job security for the city's firefighters.

"My goal was to find that sweet spot where the taxpayers in the city are not supplementing the taxpayers in the village, and the taxpayers in the village weren't supplementing the taxpayers in the city, and I think that's where we're at," Bierce said. "That's what we wanted. We wanted fairness. I think we got it."

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