CITY OF PEWAUKEE - The city on Monday, March 20, tabled a lease agreement with US Cellular that would allow the cellphone provider to set up a new cell tower at city hall to allow for more time to work out the agreement.

A new tower is in the works in part due to an old lease agreement the village had with US Cellular that said if the city (then the town of Pewaukee) moved or took down the water tower where the current cell tower is located, the city would allow US Cellular to build a standalone, monopole tower to replace it, according to City Planner Harlan Clinkenbeard. The city plans to take down the old water tower once the new water tower is completed later this fall.

"It would go between the old tower and the new tower on our site so they could move their cell panels over to that monopole," Clinkenbeard said. "As long as they can meet our specifications as it relates to distance from the new water tower, we really don't have a lot to say because we agreed to it in the first place."

The tower will be 162 feet tall, the tallest a tower is allowed by Waukesha County, as city hall sits in the flight pattern of the north/south runway of the county airport, according to Clinkenbeard.

City Attorney Stan Riffle said he needed more time to discuss the lease agreement with staff due to issues with the proximity of the new tower.

"I am very confident that we can work something out with them, but it's too soon to take this up, and they understand it," Riffle said at the meeting about his talks with US Cellular.

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